flyExclusive Partners With UV Innovators™ To Make Travel Safer During Pandemic


KINSTON, N.C., Jan. 14, 2021— flyExclusive, a leading provider of premium private jet charter travel Kinston, NC, today announced that it will become the first private aviation company to deploy the pathogen-killing NuvaWaveTM device via a new partnership with UV Innovators, an ultraviolet technology company that focuses on disinfection solutions across a vast set of professional markets.

The EPA-registered NuvaWave is the first and only instant UV disinfection device that kills 99.9% of the most dangerous and common pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19, in one second on high-touch surfaces using UVC light.*

flyExclusive, which has a fleet of more than 60 aircraft traveling worldwide, will begin utilizing NuvaWaveat airports in three locations (Kinston, West Palm Beach, and Teterboro) to bolster their periodic deep cleaning process. In addition, flyExclusive and UV Innovators will collaborate to develop further germ-reducing product enhancements for the aviation industry.

flyExclusive Chief Operating Officer, Donn Yates

“COVID-19 has completely redefined how the world views travel,” said flyExclusive Chief Operating Officer, Donn Yates. “The NuvaWave device provides a scientific and innovative way to handle decontamination and deliver the safest option for our customers. As a forward-looking company, the great thing about working with UV Innovators is that its technology allows us to continue beyond the pandemic, as it will allow us to sanitize our aircraft against other viruses.”

“Effective disinfection has never been more critical to protect passengers and pilots,” said Dr. Nick Medendorp, Jr., CEO of UV Innovators. “UV light has an established history as a powerful disinfectant, but this is the first time this mechanism of action has been repackaged in a way that preserves the efficacy yet transforms the delivery of it into a portable, user-friendly method. We are excited to bring instant, medical-grade disinfection to the private aviation industry and to partner flyExclusive, an innovator in the field.”

A partnership with UV Innovators is essential as the importance of cleaning and disinfection becomes more critical for businesses. The private aviation sector faces challenges and needs new tools that can fit into routine workflows to meet the rising demand for disinfection. The introduction of an instant UV disinfection solution through UV Innovators is a major opportunity to better protect customers, pilots, and crew. 

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About flyExclusive

flyExclusive is an owner/operator with services provided across North America, Caribbean, Central America, South America and now extending to Europe, Asia and beyond. Built on decades of industry experience in fleet logistics and management, the company maintains a floating fleet of more than 60 light to heavy aircraft as well as point-to-point fleet operations, proprietary quoting technologies and operational expertise in delivering safe, reliable and competitive solutions for its customers. Additionally, flyExclusive’s Jet Club membership program simplifies private aviation with a premium experience and the most attractive rates in the industry. flyExclusive is ARGUS Platinum and Wyvern Wingman certified and executes in accordance with a fully integrated SMS platform in its maintenance and operations. To learn more, visit


About UV Innovators

UV Innovators, LLC, uses its extensive illumination and medical device knowledge to create intellectual property that delivers disinfection tools across a vast set of markets — from private aviation and clinical care facilities, to office buildings and schools. UV Innovators is redefining the standard of surface disinfection by commercializing a UV product that delivers the germ deactivating power of a disinfection tower, with the speed and mobility of a handheld device. For more information, visit or contact




*Based on independent lab studies using ASTM E3135.9246 for SARS-CoV-2, MRSA, E coli, Enterococcus faecalis, Aceintobacter baumannii, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.