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Like hospitals, school facilities are dynamic environments serving large groups of people with many high-touch surfaces that require frequent disinfection. With the variety of room types and surfaces schools will need to disinfect and frequency, UVC is a practical option due to the high efficacy rate, ability to disinfect both surfaces and air, and minimal application time and effort.
Airlines say that flight decks are difficult to clean because they have so many components, parts and screens. By using UVC lighting instead of hand wipes or liquids, the airline is able to disinfect these sensitive areas quicker and more effectively. NuvaWave's portable size make it a perfect option for aviation.
UV Innovators adapted its first product, NuvaWave, to help our everyday institutions -- from stores and schools, to hotels and restaurants -- reopen safely. This has an enormous impact on the global GDP, unemployment rates and ultimately the physical and mental wellbeing of citizens.
Coronavirus created a new reality for sports & entertainment venues with COVID-19 shutting down entire sports teams and facilities across the board. NuvaWave has been lab-tested to deactivate 99.9% of pathogens that can prevent the spread of the virus.

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