Kill the pathogens that cause
Hospital Acquired Infections

A Medical-Grade Instant UV Device that Kills 99.98%
of Viruses and Bacteria in One Second.

Available now for $7/day



NuvaWave™ is a medical-grade portable UVC disinfection device built to stop the spread of harmful pathogens causing Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s).

One in four diagnosed with Covid is infected in hospital*

Almost one in four people diagnosed with coronavirus could have contracted it in hospital, figures suggest. 
Out of 10,150 patients being treated for the disease in hospital, 2,414 may have developed symptoms of the disease in wards while they were being treated for other illnesses…

NuvaWave™ is the ultimate portable solution for disinfecting high touch surfaces and equipment.

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Strengthen your disinfecting protocols with a rapid UV handheld that allows staff to hit hard to reach places and high-touch surfaces with NO DWELL TIME!

– Nurse Stations
– Sensitive Equipment
– Patient Rooms
– Lobby Areas


  • Kills 99.9%+ of pathogens in seconds
  • Light weight handheld device ~1.5 pounds
  • Average output power @ 2″ across 4″ x 4″ disinfection area –
          12 mW/cm²
  • Operates at 270 nm, the peak of the germicidal curve
  • External battery pack lasts ~3 hours on a single charge
  • 5,000 hour solid state light source, no mercury!


  • Distance feedback to aid user in optimal placement
  • Continuous system performance monitoring
  • Embedded computer sensors for intelligent safety shut-off
  • Uniform UVC light across disinfection area
  • Ergonomically balanced design
  • Visible light indicators of active disinfection

NuvaWave™ Kit Contents

  • NuvaWave UVC Handheld Device
  • (2) NuvaWave UVC Face Shields
  • (2) 3-hour rechargeable batteries
  • AC battery charger
  • Utility belt with battery mount and device holster
  • Instructions for Use